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Fireplace Makeover in Montgomery, TX

A modern traditional fireplace decorated with green and white details for Christmas.
Modern Traditional Fireplace in Montgomery, Texas

Most of our remodeling projects involve working on an outdated, older model homes, so adding custom details to take this new build in Montgomery, Texas, to a new level was a different kind of project with stunning results.

Our customer found this new construction home in the Woodforest subdivision. While the location of the home was wonderful, the home was too far along in the construction process to customize to her preferences and style.

The fireplace is the centerpiece of this living room and the sleek ultra-modern look the builders installed did not match her vision or taste. Our team rebuilt the firebox to add a brick surround, a unique arch shape firebox and a custom mantel to create a more transitional look that is timeless and cozy, and most importantly, matched the vision and style of our clients.


Red Brick with Creamy White Mortar

Paint: Custom Matched

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