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FAQs about a New Roof

Most homeowners do not give much thought to their roof--that is, until it needs to be replaced or repaired. While a new roof is one of the most expensive purchases you can make for your home, hopefully, it is not a purchase you have to make very often.

We speak to homeowners in the Houston area everyday and most of them have questions about the process. We have compiled a list of the questions we are asked consistently. We believe in being honest and transparent with our clients at Spears & Co. We believe that when you have the reliable information, you can maintain your roof, spot minor issues to prevent major problems, and recognize when it’s time for an upgrade.

Plus, you can make an educated buying decision, get the best roof for your buck and feel confident in your investment. Let's jumpstart your learning. Check out our most common roofing questions and their answers below.

Roofing Question #1: Should I replace or repair my roof?

Failing to replace your roof when it’s time can lead to thousands of dollars in home repairs. To make that decision we consider the age of the roof and the amount of damage. As your roof ages, it begins to work less effectively than it used to, putting your home and contents at risk for water damage. If your roof is nearing or past its life expectancy, we will probably recommend a full replacement. Also, if your roof has signs of extensive damage — possibly from weather, debris, fire, or water — it is best to replace the entire roof. However, if your roof just has a few chipped or missing shingles, especially if they are confined to one area, you roof can probably be fixed with a small repair job.

Roofing Question #2: What are signs my roof is damaged?

In our busy day to day, it is easy to miss some of the signs that your roofing system is compromised. If you are regularly inspecting your home and roof for these signs, you can catch a compromised roof before extensive damage is done. Here are a few signs it’s time for a new roofing system:

  • There are wet spots on your ceiling, in the attic, or crawl spaces.

  • Your chimney’s masonry has cracked.

  • Shingles are curled, buckling, missing or broken.

  • Your shingles are blistering.

  • Shingles are badly aging and missing granules.

  • You notice signs of roof rot, such as a spongy feeling when you walk on it.

  • There is water backup in your eaves.

  • Your flashing is damaged, or completely compromised.

Even if you don’t see any signs of damage, a roof that’s too old may be prone to breakdowns. We will give you honest, straightforward advice about when to replace your roof.

Roofing Question #3: How do I know if my roof has storm damage or is damaged?

If a major storm has passed through your area, especially one that included hail or high winds, there is a strong chance your roof system has been damaged in some way. To minimize additional damage, you should contact a reputable roofing contractor in the Houston area who can help you identify and list the damage. A good contractor will also serve as your advocate when handling the insurance claim.

Roofing Question #4: How much does a new roof cost?

This is probably the question that is weighing most heavily on your mind. We calculate the cost of your roof based on a formula using factors such as the size of your roof, slope, number of stories, etc. Then, the cost of materials (determined by the type of roof and shingle you choose) will determine the final price.

As you can see, determining the cost is a process specialized to your home. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to call one of the trusted roofers in your area. A reputable roofer will offer a quote at no cost and with no obligation. Beware of anyone who makes you sign a contract before they inspect your roof or provide a quote.

For a free, no-obligation quote from Spears & Co Roofing, click here.

Roofing Question #5: How long will my new roof last?

Your new roof's lifespan will depend on a few different factors — primarily the material. Generally speaking, a properly installed asphalt roof will last between 12-30 years and a metal roof will last between 40-70 years.

However, the Texas weather and your personal maintenance habits can play a role in your roof’s longevity. Since the Houston area occasionally receives heavy rain, hail, high winds, (even snow) your roof might suffer a bit more wear and tear than others.

Alternatively, you can extend the life of your roof and protect your investment by maintaining it and attending to issues quickly. Your roof should be regularly inspected and maintained by keeping it clear of debris, preventing mold growth and installing gutters.

Roofing Question #6: How can I tell if a roofing contractor is legitimate?

Fly-by-night roofers come out of the woodwork, especially if you just experienced a natural disaster or a large storm. These roofers will show up at your door, promise you the world and then quickly disappear. Don’t fall for their tricks. The right questions can help you sort the legitimate roofers from the scammers. First, ask how long they have been in business. Choosing an established, local company to perform roofing work means that they will be there if you encounter problems. Second, ask to read online reviews, ask for referrals, and then do research before choosing the company. Lastly, ask about warranties, licenses, and insurance. A solid, transferable warranty is the mark of a good company.

Roofing materials stacked on a roof
Most residential roofing installations take one to two days.

Roofing Question #7: How long will it take to install my new roof?

The exact amount of time it will take to install a new roof will depend on the size and type of roof you are installing. Many residential roofing jobs can be completed in one to two days, but some can take up to several weeks to install. The timing can also depend on the size of your roofer’s crew and the weather. Roofing can be dangerous work and inclement weather could put your roof installation on hold until it passes. This is to protect the crew and your home.

Roofing Question #8: Does my roof need gutters?

The simple answer is probably, but not always. Our in installing a roof is to protect your home from water damage and gutters play an important role in that system. They catch water as it runs down the slope of your roof, then direct it into a downspout or drain that carries it away from your home. This all works together to prevent foundation erosion, flooding, and the damage that comes from mold and mildew growth. With all of that in mind, gutters are an important part of a roofing system in preventing damage. That being said, if you have a very steep slope gutters may not be necessary. We are happy to look at your home design and make a recommendation.

Roofing Question #9: What is roof flashing and does my roof need it?

Roof flashing (aka ice and water) is a waterproof material that’s installed underneath shingles and used to direct water away from the most vulnerable areas of your roof. A good roofer never skimps on flashing. That being said, flashing isn't required on your entire roof.

These are usually the most leak-prone areas, such as:

  • Any roof surface that connects to a front or side wall

  • Valleys (low points where two roof slopes connect)

  • Around protrusions like bathroom vents, chimneys, and/or skylights

  • Edges (eaves or rakes)

Roofing Question #10: What kind of roof choices do I have?

There are many new roofs to choose from for any style home or building. You can select your material, color, and style, depending on your needs, budget and personal preferences. You can select metal roofing, traditional shingles, shaker shingles and more in an array of stunning colors. View our gallery to see the many roofing options available to you. We are happy to help you select the perfect roof for your home.

Have more questions about your roof? We're here to help.

Here you have our top 10 most frequently asked questions about new roofs. But, if you have a roofing question that wasn’t answered in this article, feel free to reach out to our team of experts at Spears & Co. You need peace of mind about your roof. We are happy to offer a free inspection and free estimate if a repair or replacement is needed — no obligation required. Call our office at (832) 463-1701 or contact us to schedule an inspection.

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